1. Restaurant
    1. Acknowledgement


The owner of a small restaurant wants a new information system to store data for all meals consumed there and also to keep a record of ingredients kept in stock. After some research he reached the following requirements list:

  • Each ingredient has a name, a measuring unit (e.g. olive oil is measured in liters, while eggs are unit based) and a quantity in stock. There are no two ingredients with the same name.
  • Each dish is composed of several ingredients in a certain quantity. An ingredient can, of course, be used in different dishes.
  • A dish has an unique name and a numeric identifier.
  • There are several tables at the restaurant. Each one of them has an unique numeric identifier and a maximum ammount of people that can be seated there.
  • In each meal, several dishes are consumed at a certain table. The same dish can be eaten more than once in the same meal.
  • A meal takes place in a certain date and has a start and end time. Each meal has a responsible waiter.
  • A waiter has an unique numerical identifier, a name, an address and a phone number.
  • In some cases it is important to store information about the client that consumed the meal. A client has a tax identification number, a name and an address.


Credits: André Restivo