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Curriculum Vitae

My CV is open-source, like my work and life philosophy.

About me

João Rocha da Silva

I hold a PhD in Informatics Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, where I also lecture. I specialise on research data management, working on FEUP’s InfoLab building Dendro, a solution to help researchers describe and share their datasets in a clear and reusable way.

I have experience in many programming languages Javascript-NodeJS (7+ years), AngularJS, PHP with MVC frameworks, etc.) On the mobile side, I am an experienced freelancer iOS Developer with several Apps published on the App Store.

On the DevOps side, I have experience with testing and automated deployment pipelines using Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins and Bash scripting overall. Continuous integration tools such as Git and GitHub, Travis, Coveralls, Codacy and etc. are a daily part of my work.

Past corporate experience includes two consulting companies: Deloitte and Sysnovare, in which I worked on SAP modules, business blueprinting and software processes restructuring.

I am also a self-taught mechanic on my spare time… and I love Toyota classic cars!

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Where to find me

I work at FEUP’s Information Systems Laboratory, also known as InfoLab.

It is at the I123 Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

Classic Car Mechanics

Me driving my old AE86

Me driving my old 1987 Corolla.

I used to have a 1987 Toyota Corolla AE86, also known as Hachi-Roku or literally “eight-six” in Japanese. The car was stolen some years ago, so no more of that. Now I drive a 2003 Diesel Corolla Station Wagon—not exciting but nice to drive.

I have a YouTube channel covering car mechanics and repairs. I called it Toyota Mechanics Video Guides, and you can check it out on YouTube: Click me.


This blog contains my personal notes about programming, sysadmin, and other stuff. All materials and opinions are my own and do not reflect any point of view of my employer.