1. Veterinary Clinic Exercise
    1. Acknowledgement

Veterinary Clinic Exercise

Create a database for a factory with the following requirements. Don’t forget to add unique identifiers for each one of the entities if needed.

  • A factory has several machines. Each one of them is operated by several workers.
  • A worker might work in more than one machine.
  • In this factory, several products of different types, are produced. Each different type of product is produced in a single machine. But, the same machine can produce more than one type of product.
  • Products from the same type are all produced from the same single material and have the same weigth.
  • Clients can issue purchase orders. Each order has a list of the desired products and their quantity.
  • For each worker, the following data should be stored in the database: name (first and last), birth date, address and a list of his skills.
  • For each machine, the following data should be stored: serial number, make, model and purchase date.
  • For each client, the followig data should be stored: name, address, phone number and name of the contact person (if any).
  • For each purchase order, the following date should be stored: order number, date it has been made, expected and actual delivery date.


Credits: André Restivo