1. Bicycle Rental Exercise
    1. Acknowledgement

Bicycle Rental Exercise

A bicycle renting company wants to create an information system that allows it to store the data regarding all their reservations and rentals. The system should follow these requirements:

  • It should be possible to store the national id number (NIN), tax identification number (TIN), name and address for every client. The NIN and TIN must be different for every client and all clients should have at least a TIN and a name.
  • The database should also contain information about the bicycle models that can be rented- Each model has an unique name, a type (that can only be road, mountain, bmx or hybrid) and the number of gears.
  • Each bicycle has a unique identifying number and a model.
  • The company has several different stores where bicycles can be picked up and returned. Each one of these stores is identified by an unique name and has an address (both mandatory).
  • When a reservation is made, the following data must be known: which client did the reservation, when will he pick up the bike (day), which bike model he wants and where will he pick up the bike (store).
  • When a bike is picked up, the actual bike that was picked up must be stored in the database.
  • When a bike is returned, the return date should be stored in the database.


Credits: André Restivo