1. Auto Repair Shop
    1. Acknowledgement

Auto Repair Shop

An auto repair shop, that sells and mounts parts and accessories for all kinds of vehicles, wants a new information system to manage their clients, parts, accessories and assembly services:

  • There are several employees. Each one of them has an unique identifying number, a name and an address.
  • In this shop, assembly services, where parts and accessories are installed in a vehicle, are executed. For each one these services the following data must be stored: In which car the service was executed, how many kms had the car at the time, who was the responsible employee, which parts and accessories were fitted, how many work hours did it take and the admission and finish dates.
  • Parts and accessories are only sold together with an assembly service.
  • Each part/accessory only fits in some car models. Therefore, it is important to store that information.
  • Each part/accessory has a category (radio, tyre, …), a serial number and a price.
  • Each car has a license plate, a make, a model, a color and an owner. Each owner has a name, identifying number, address and a phone.
  • One person can own more than one car but one car only has one owner.


Credits: André Restivo