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SQLite3 Guide


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  1. What is the make of all vehicles owned by the client with NIF 1232? (make)
  2. What cars have ever parked in the second floor? (plate)
  3. In which days were there Ferraris parked in the park? Order your answer starting with the oldest day first. (day)
  4. Which cars parked on the 1st of January 2010? Order them by entry time. (entry, plate)
  5. How many cars does the client with NIF 1232 own? (quantity)
  6. How many parking spots are there above the first floor? (quantity)
  7. How many parking spots in each floor? Sort your answer by floor number. (floor, spots)
  8. How many cars does each client own? Sort your answer from the client with more cars to the one with less cars. If two clients have the same number of cars, order them by their name (nif, name, quantity)
  9. Which clients have more than one car? (nif, name)
  10. Which clients have more than one car with the same make? (nif, name)
  11. What floors did not have any cars parked on the 3rd of January 2010? (floor)
  12. What was the first client to park in each day? Order your answer by day. (day, nif, name)